What is
carbon offsetting?

Climate change is mainly caused by carbon dioxide acting like a blanket and trapping the sun’s heat close to Earth’s surface, rather than letting it radiate back into space.

Scientists agree that carbon dioxide levels are dangerously high and that emitting more could have devastating effects on the planet and society. It is imperative we reduce our emissions. Luckily, with Koobi, conscious individuals can do just that!

Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of everything we do, from driving cars, to making coffee, or buying a t-shirt. We know how much carbon dioxide all these activities produce and can analyse our lifestyles to work out our personal ‘carbon footprint’ – how much carbon dioxide we emit each year. This is usually 10 – 20 tonnes per person in western countries.

As individuals, the best thing we can do to fight climate change is to reduce the activities that emit carbon dioxide. We can take fewer flights, eat less meat, and walk to the shops. But it is impossible to cut carbon dioxide emissions completely. Some of us need heating in winter, and depend on cars to get to work. And let’s face it, life wouldn’t be much fun without an international holiday every now and then, right?

This is where carbon offsetting comes into play.


Carbon offsetting involves doing things that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every tonne of carbon dioxide removed is called a ‘carbon credit’. These credits can be bought and sold just like any other commodity.

Once you purchase one, you can offset it against your carbon footprint – essentially erasing it. Think of it as balancing the books so at the end of each year we are in the black – living a carbon-neutral life.

There are many ways to generate carbon credits. Planting forests that absorb carbon as they grow, moving to renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, you name it. Credits can even be generated by stopping intact forests from being cleared and avoiding their carbon from being emitted.

Not all carbon credit projects are equal. Some, especially landscape-scale projects, provide benefits for the communities and wildlife in those areas. For example, why not do reforestation that extends habitat for endangered chimpanzees and provides income for local communities who help protect the forest?

This is exactly the sort of project Koobi brings you. Rare projects on the frontline in the wildest corners of our planet with the most wildlife. Projects in places where people and animals are already feeling the pinch of climate change and are most vulnerable. We fight climate change for those most affected.

Our mission at Koobi is connecting you to these amazing projects so your carbon offset goes further.


Where does my money go?

90% goes directly to supporting the projects. This involves creating, registering, verifying and marketing credits, funding conservation action such as anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring, and supporting local community development. 10% goes to business costs so that we can run a platform that connects you with the world’s best projects. Our profit margin is in line with most charities and we don’t plan on changing that.

Why don’t I just go directly to the projects?

You’re welcome to but the perks of going through Koobi are multiple; we’ve negotiated fair prices and supply agreements that are win-win for the projects and yourselves. This saves you considerable time and money. With one subscription, you can support a portfolio of the world’s best carbon projects that we have handpicked.

Our scientists have verified them for rigour, transparency, and impact, and we will keep you informed on those impacts. We will continue adding to this portfolio as we grow.

We’ve made carbon offsetting easy and impactful for you.

Can you prove my impact?

Absolutely. Every tonne of carbon dioxide offset is an impact. We will also keep you closely connected to the projects, reporting on the amount of habitat conserved and how species are doing within it, and reporting on the positive impacts in local communities. This way you see where your dollar goes, and how you are fighting climate change and supporting conservation.

Why choose Koobi over other subscription services?

Simply put, our projects are better. They are the cream of the carbon credit world delivering benefits to wildlife and society well beyond carbon.

This makes us so much more than the ‘plant a tree’ initiatives you see everywhere, and makes sure your dollar and offset have a bigger impact. Our projects follow the highest scientific standards in the industry as well as our own strict criteria. We are not the cheapest offsetters around but we are the best. If you want quality, transparency, impact, and community then Koobi is for you.

Why are you called Koobi?

Koobi Fora in Kenya is famous for having some of the oldest human footprints on the planet. The first physical marks our species left on Earth. Fast forward 1.5 million years and our footprints are gigantic. Especially our carbon footprint which is driving climate change. We want to get this down to sustainable levels. For us, for wildlife, for the planet.