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Koobi ENDANGERED CARBon Credit NFT 2022 collection

The Koobi Endangered Carbon Credit NFT is a collection of 50 unique digital collectables living on the Solana blockchain.  Your KECC NFT is a unique endangered animal call sound graphically displayed as a spectrogram in addition to the utility value of 1 year of carbon offsetting (2022 stamped) from premium biodiversity credits. Holder will all receive premium access to the members benefits offered to the Koobi community.

Limited 2022 Collection 

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How do they work?

Ownership of this NFT certifies that the holder has offset their carbon footprint for the year 2022, and in doing so helps fund the conservation of endangered lions. Our carbon credits are generated by protecting over one million hectares of prime lion habitat in the spectacular Luanga valley in Zambia, and pass the most rigorous scientific diligence in the industry. See more on our website here.

Our ambition is for our Koobi NFTs to become signals of impact, stamps that demonstrate that while businesses and politicians talked about the threat of climate change but did nothing, you did. You took action into your own hands and played your part in preserving our future. With each token equivalent to 1 year of carbon offsetting tied to our Lion carbon project.


These tokens are intended as a collectible utility to be kept as future proof that you have done your part for society in the fight against climate change, however due to the limited minting each year they can be exchanged and traded as normal NFT’s on the Solana network.

We will be running limited releases each year, enabling you to build your collection and create a track record of climate action over the years and decades to come. Get your 2022 collectable now.

How to Purchase

Mint through your Solana Wallet 

* we recommend to use Phantom wallet*



Purchase with Fiat Currency (Credit Card) here

Purchase using FIAT currency and we will manually mint and transfer the NFT to you. Including all ownership  accreditation


How do we create these NFT's

Process of NFT creation

Why Solana Network

Solana is an open source, public programmable blockchain platform specifically designed to host decentralised applications. Solana is rapidly growing and taking market share from the ethereum network as it continues to struggle with scalability and network congestion, resulting in large transaction fees and energy requirements producing a large carbon footprint. (50,000 transaction per sec SOL vs 30 transactions per sec ETH)

Solana is a POS (proof of stake) blockchain meaning the validator nodes on the network are staked to stake SOL tokens. This process requires much less energy to complete transactions resulting in a significantly more environmentally friendly process than the traditional POW (proof of work) blockchains such as ETH & BTC. Validators still require power to operate however their power consumption is far lower than that of the POW miners.   

1 x Sol transaction uses approx 1,836 J of energy 

1 x ETH transaction 692,820,000 J of energy 

1 x Google search uses 1,080 Joules of energy


  • Stay tuned for more details on the road map and exclusive member only access
  • Get your Minted NFT printed on merch
  • 2023 collection launching later this year

We’re up for the fight. KOOBI exists for people who want to look their grandkids in the eye and say “we did our bit to save the natural world”.