Our mission is simple - help as many people as possible offset their carbon footprints with projects that make a real difference.


We’re running out of time to beat climate change so one plus one must equal three – or higher.

That’s why we only source carbon credits that offset your carbon footprint while conserving wildlife and supporting community development!

We’re here for anyone up for the fight. For people who want to look their grandkids in the eye and say “we did our bit to save the natural world”.

We believe in the power of the individual. Small changes to a person’s lifestyle multiplied millions of times over can change the world.

And we’re optimistic that humankind will come together for the greater good. After all, that’s how our ancestors survived in the first communities millions of years ago in Koobi Fora, Kenya. Yes, that’s where we came up with the name!

Really though, when you strip it all away, the natural world is magical and worth fighting for!

Change your lifestyle. Change the world.

The team

Dr James Allan

An award winning scientist who would rather be on safari looking for rare birds.

James grew up in Kenya, East Africa, and has been working on the frontline of conservation for over a decade saving wild species from extinction.

He has a PhD in conservation biology and mapped Earth’s last wilderness areas. His science underpins everything KOOBI does, and his African roots and the inspiration for our first portfolio of African projects!

Read more of James’ research.

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Tom Graham

A problem solver by trade who is as comfortable on horseback as he is in a boardroom.

Tom has a B.Eng with a career stretching from the worksite to strategy and operations.

Tom grew up on a cattle property in Queensland in a family that takes stewardship of their property and its impact on the landscape seriously. This inspired him to spend time working on making farming sustainable in an increasingly uncertain climate.

He is excited about the launch of KOOBI’s Australian portfolio of carbon projects which is currently in the works!

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Duncan Allan

After spending years learning how to market everything from fried chicken to fast cars. KOOBI is Duncan’s attempt at using his marketing skills to do good for the world.

He grew up in Kenya and spent most of his childhood on safari with his brother and father. When Covid permits, he’ll be on the first flight back.

He has a B.A. and MSc and has spent his career working in Marketing, Media and Venture Capital.

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Flavia Aschi

Currently finishing off her Masters in Ecology at the University of Amsterdam, Flavia carried out the first global scientific review of wildlife-carbon credit projects. This work underpins the criteria that Koobi uses to identify world leading projects.

Flavia is excited to keep putting theory into practice as a research assistant/ analyst for Koobi, adding lots of expertise and credibility to our scientific team. Flavia also brings some European flair with her, having grown up and studied in Rome, Italy.

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