How We Pick our Projects

We scour the earth to find the most exciting carbon offsetting projects operating today following a rigorous scientific methodology.

Our projects exceed the highest scientific standards in the industry and have impacts far beyond just carbon. Our rigorous selection policy and due diligence mean your money makes a real difference.

Every Koobi project is located in a global priority area for wildlife conservation. We mapped these ourselves and published the science in the world’s top journals, including nature.

We only work with ‘premium’ carbon credit projects. A carbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. But with premium credits, the way carbon dioxide is removed delivers wider environmental benefits. For example, reforesting a wildlife migratory corridor makes an important contribution to conservation while also capturing carbon in trees.

The money from selling carbon credits also supports sustainable development in local communities in the project area, and further conservation efforts such as anti-poaching patrols.

Scientific rigour and transparency are Koobi’s heart. Our projects must be certified by international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (Verra) and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity standards which verify their credibility.

Koobi projects must meet
the following four standards