Christmas Offset

offset your carbon footprint

Delight a loved one this festive season and support the life of our planet and its most endangered animals by gifting a carbon offset certificate with Koobi

One month, three month and one year offset options available

When you offset for a loved one – you ensure their carbon footprint is completely wiped out- in a way that saves endangered wildlife

Christmas Offset Gifts

Write a personalised message, choose the projects you’d like to support, pick the number of months and we’ll do the rest!

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We’re seeing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis right in front of our eyes. From bushfires in Australia and California to droughts and floods across Africa. We are also seeing wilderness and wildlife wiped out the world over. This is why we aren’t content just planting trees to clear our consciences. We go further and partner with on-the-ground conservation programs, providing funding and world-leading scientific expertise to fully regenerate and rewild ecosystems.

Where does my money go?

10% allows us to exist and connect you with the world’s best climate solutions. It covers all business and operational costs. Our profit margin is less than most charities and we don’t plan on changing that.
Carbon. Conservation. Community.

90% directly supports the projects. It covers the cost of registering, measuring, and producing credits, as well as conservation efforts such as anti poaching and monitoring wildlife populations. Some goes to local communities to alleviate poverty and improve education.

We’re up for the fight. KOOBI exists for people who want to look their grandkids in the eye and say “we did our bit to save the natural world”.